The Answers to Questions About Orthodontics

If you’re interested in orthodontic treatment, then you most likely have questions. Orthodontics is a great way to align the teeth, improve the oral health and help the smile. To help you know more and to help you find the answers you need, our orthodontist, Dr. , is happy to give you the answers to… Read more »

Your New Dentures

You might think that dentures are reserved only for people 55 and older. That’s not the case, since many younger Americans may be missing one or more teeth, or have teeth that need to be replaced. If you aren’t a good candidate for an implant, and may not a bridge, dentures may be right for… Read more »

Dentistry Blog for Beginners: the Causes of Halitosis

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is an oral health condition in which foul odors are emanating from your mouth. In many cases, it is caused by the food or drinks you are consuming or even bacterial buildup in your mouth that is producing it as a side effect. Furthermore, it may even be caused… Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: Mouthguards

If you are involved in any high-risk activities that potentially put your teeth and gums at risk of dental damage, it is important to make sure you have the necessary preventive treatments to keep your smile safe. This includes the use of appliances such as mouth guards. Mouth guards are designed to fit over the… Read more »

If You Are Missing Multiple Teeth, a Partial Denture Might Be Able to Replace the Basic Function of Your Mouth

Untreated tooth decay, severe dental trauma, and chronic periodontal disease can sometimes result in the loss of multiple teeth in one area of the mouth. This can leave you with compromised oral function, as well as other oral health complications. If the compromised area is in the front of your mouth, it could potentially alter… Read more »

Bridge the Gap Between a Knocked-Out Tooth and a Full Smile

If a car accident or sports injury has caused a severe blow to your face, you could experience significant damage to your smile. Dental trauma could provide enough force to knock out a tooth, damaging the surrounding connective tissues as well. If this happens, you should seek emergency dental care from and possibly receive a… Read more »

The Basics of Oral Hygiene

Your dentist, Dr. , strongly recommends keeping up on your oral hygiene. Doing so is one of the best ways you can achieve strong and healthy teeth and gums. Having a top-notch smile not only helps you look and feel good, but it also helps you eat, talk, and even have a good overall health. This… Read more »

Which Tooth Replacement Procedure is Best For You?

Replacing the missing teeth in your smile is very important. There are of course the cosmetic issues. If you have gaps in your grin, you will feel self-conscious, and missing teeth can give you a sunken smile, which can make you look older than you really are. But there are health considerations as well. If… Read more »

Care for Your Sore Teeth After a Dental Treatment by Doing These Things

Do you have sore teeth after a dental treatment? If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel sore after a dental filling, dental crown, dental bridge, and other dental treatment. This is typically because the teeth aren’t quite used to the pressure and attention involved in treatment. To help you treat and relieve your sore… Read more »

Getting Your Best Top-Notch Fall Smile

The fall leaves are changing colors and the weather is turning a bit crisper. As you start to enjoy this season, it’s important to keep in mind your oral health care, especially with the holidays right around the corner. It’s best to have strong and healthy teeth and gums when you prepare to dive into… Read more »