Oral Health Treatments: Teenage Dentistry

As the fall season comes into swing, many individuals will turn their attention to the sweets and treats that come with it. However, these pose as potential risks for their oral health. Even if you are past the age for trick-or-treating, numerous risks are still abound. Always remember to exercise caution with every risk to… Read more »

Restoration Dentistry Can Replace a Missing Tooth

When a tooth is severely compromised by a severe cavity or a significant dental trauma, it might be possible to save it by having Dr. perform a root canal. Yet there are some severe cases, where the tooth or the underlying structure of the socket is so badly compromised that suggests a total extraction. Once… Read more »

Four Harmful Dental Habits and How to Quit

Do you bite your nails or chew on pens? Do you smoke or grind your teeth at night? You probably recognize that these dental habits do more harm than good, but you may not know how to quit. The following outlines how each habit harms your teeth and what you can do to empower yourself… Read more »

Are the Foods You Eat Benefiting Your Smile?

Most people know that a healthy body begins with a healthy diet, but did you know that your smile needs healthy food too! If you want the benefit of healthy teeth and gums, you will want to make sure to get the nutrition your smile deserves. Today, Dr. and our team are happy to share… Read more »

What to Know About Dental Veneers

No one is born with a perfect smile. And sometimes, things happen in life that may affect our teeth. It may be an accident, a disease, or it may be that we have just let our dental hygiene habits go by the wayside. As a result, your teeth may be chipped, cracked, or stained, or… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Teeth When You are Sick

When you’re down with a cold or the flu, you usually don’t want to do anything except lie in bed, feel sick, and hope that sometime soon, you’ll feel better. When you don’t want to move, the last thing you probably want to do is worry about your oral health. After all, your head, nose,… Read more »

A Smile Deeply Stained by Tobacco Will Likely Need a Dental Bleaching Treatment

Whenever you use tobacco products, a small amount of tar and various chemicals are introduced to the mouth. While this can certainly affect soft oral tissues, it can also cause stains to form on your teeth. Even if you only use tobacco on an occasional basis, you are still likely to experience significant stains. At… Read more »

The Daily Routine of Infant Teeth Brushing

Brushing a young child’s teeth is a vital method for caring for their smile. As soon as their teeth break above the gum line, they are just as susceptible to tooth decay as adult’s teeth are, so they must be taken care of daily. Here are some things you should know about brushing an infant’s… Read more »

Spotting Bruxism Symptoms

Do you know how to spot bruxism symptoms? Bruxism is a common, yet often unobserved sleep disorder characterized by grinding or gnashing your teeth while unconscious and often done while asleep. Treating bruxism can be done correctly with night guards or bite plates, but the difficult task is determining if you even suffer from it,… Read more »

What Effects Does Dental Erosion Have on Your Smile?

What effects does dental erosion have on your smile? Dental erosion, sometimes referred to as enamel erosion, is the process of harmful acids chewing through your tooth enamel thereby causing tooth decay and cavities. However, dental erosion is not a natural process and should be prevented at all costs. One of the main causes of… Read more »