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Without the proper treatment, a cavity can become larger and cause a bacterial presence that results in tooth abscess. If an abscess occurs, you may feel a severe toothache and pressure around the gums. In the event of an abscessed tooth, we may need to perform an extraction and fill the gap with a custom dental bridge.

If you suspect there is a problem with your tooth, we encourage you to seek treatment from Dr. James C. Ma to prevent any bacteria from reaching the bloodstream. If the tooth has been largely decayed or suffered extensive abscess, tooth extraction may be the optimal course of treatment. By removing the tooth from socket, we can clear away any infected material and then replace the tooth with a healthy alternative.

Our dentist can offer a variety of options for replacing a missing tooth. A quick and effective treatment is to receive a custom dental bridge to fill the void in your smile. A dental bridge is a dental restoration that requires abutments to be formed from the two neighboring teeth. We will transform these teeth into healthy dentin pillars and then take an impression of the mouth so that a dental lab can create the bridge based on your smile’s natural appearance.

You will need to visit our office for a second appointment to have the bridge cemented onto the abutments, where it can remain in place with a strong dental adhesive. If you suspect you have a dental abscess and may need a dental bridge in Bakersfield, California, we invite you to call James C. Ma at 661-324-9709 for an oral exam.