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You might think that dentures are reserved only for people 55 and older. That’s not the case, since many younger Americans may be missing one or more teeth, or have teeth that need to be replaced. If you aren’t a good candidate for an implant, and may not a bridge, dentures may be right for you. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other procedures and are easy to maintain.

When you first get your dentures, they will more than likely feel bulky, or even uncomfortable in your mouth. That is normal and will go away in time. But if you feel pain, or they do not fit well, you should see your dentist to have them adjusted. It will take a while to learn to speak while wearing them, since your dentures may slip or “float” at first when you say certain words. Try speaking certain words slowly for a while, and when you are alone, try singing along with your favorite song to help learn how to speak with your dentures in.

If you are having trouble eating at first, cut your food into smaller pieces to make it easier to bite; or into long strips so that you can chew it on both sides of your mouth. Exercising your cheek muscles can also help you maintain control of your food while you eat.

If you have been dealing with missing teeth, and you think dentures may be right for you, our Dr. dentist would love to help. If you live in the Bakersfield, California, area, and would like to make an appointment at James C. Ma, call 661-324-9709 today to get started on your new smile!