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Untreated tooth decay, severe dental trauma, and chronic periodontal disease can sometimes result in the loss of multiple teeth in one area of the mouth. This can leave you with compromised oral function, as well as other oral health complications. If the compromised area is in the front of your mouth, it could potentially alter the appearance of your smile, as well as influence your speech.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you should strongly consider scheduling an appointment at James C. Ma’s dental clinic. After performing a basic assessment of your mouth and the existing dental structure, Dr. James C. Ma will present you with the most applicable treatment plan to help restore your basic oral function.

This might call for fitting you with a removable partial denture. This special dental appliance will be created in a special dental laboratory to mimic the basic appearance and function of your missing teeth. Some partial dentures also include simple hardware components to help temporarily marry it to the surrounding teeth.

Some partial denture wearers also like to apply a small amount of denture adhesive when installing it each morning. Not only can this help bond it to the underlying gums but it can also help to keep out stray food partcles.

If you live in the Bakersfield, California, area and you have lost multiple teeth in one area of your mouth you should call 661-324-9709 to schedule an appointment at James C. Ma’s dental offices.