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How often are you asked if you floss regularly? You should answer at least twice a year – since you visit the dentist every six months – but for a lot of people the only time flossing is a thought is when a dental visit is drawing near.

It’s easy to say you don’t like flossing and that’s why you don’t do it on a regular basis, but you just can’t afford to skip out on your flossing. Doing so presents the opportunity for myriad serious oral health problems to develop.

Why bother?

A lot of people wonder what the big deal with flossing is. After all, you brush your teeth. Isn’t that enough?
Well, the truth is that brushing only cleans about sixty percent of the surface of any given tooth. The smaller nooks and crannies, and the areas where plaque, debris, and food build up are more effectively cleaned with floss than with a brush. To get the most consistent cleaning, you need to floss.

Be excellent

The easiest way to be excellent at flossing is to just get into the daily habit of flossing. You only need to floss once daily – as opposed to twice a day with brushing – and you’ll see an almost immediate uptick in the quality of your oral health.

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