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Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is an oral health condition in which foul odors are emanating from your mouth. In many cases, it is caused by the food or drinks you are consuming or even bacterial buildup in your mouth that is producing it as a side effect. Furthermore, it may even be caused by an underlying condition of your body. Thus, it is important to understand what is causing your bad breath in order to effectively treat and prevent it from returning. Here are some common causes of bad breath:

– Unhealthy products including tobacco are known to produce bad breath. In addition, some foods such as garlic and onions can also produce bad breath.

– Poor oral hygiene is a failure to constantly keep your mouth clean on a daily basis. Furthermore, it is a known cause of bad breath.

– Plaque buildup in your mouth can release foul odors that will emanate from your mouth in the form of bad breath.

– If you wish to keep your smile safe from bad breath, it is important to be aware of any underlying ailments deep within your body, such as respiratory tract infections or liver or kidney issues.

– Exercise caution with any medications you’re taking that produce dry mouth as a side effect, as it is a known cause of bad breath.

– If you have dentures, always make sure you’re cleaning them properly. If your dentures become contaminated, they can lead to bad breath.

– Gum disease and other similar oral health ailments often produce bad breath as a symptom.

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