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If a car accident or sports injury has caused a severe blow to your face, you could experience significant damage to your smile. Dental trauma could provide enough force to knock out a tooth, damaging the surrounding connective tissues as well. If this happens, you should seek emergency dental care from James C. Ma and possibly receive a dental bridge.

If damage was done to the surrounding teeth and gum tissues, our dentist will determine which dental treatment is best and may need to remove the tooth remains. After your gums have healed from the injury, we can begin the process of placing a dental bridge.

First, we will create an impression to be sent out and made into the final bridge. Your restoration will be created at a dental lab, where an experienced team uses high-quality dental materials that look and feel like natural tooth enamel and help the dental bridge last for a long time.

Once the new bridge is made, you will visit our office again to have it placed. Dr. James C. Ma will create two abutments out of the two teeth surrounding the empty space to anchor the bridge, then use a dental-grade adhesive to cement the dental bridge to your smile.

If you are struggling with dental trauma and need restorative tooth care, call James C. Ma at 661-324-9709 as soon as possible. Our dentist and team can help you regain your best smile with a dental bridge in Bakersfield, California!