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If you play sports or enjoy vigorous activities, you need to have the right equipment. Part of that equipment should be a mouth guard. A mouth guard will protect your teeth and gums from an impact, and if you wear braces or have any dental restorations, you should wear a mouth guard when during games and practices.

A custom mouth guard is your best choice because it provides the best protection and more comfort than other types of mouth guards. A custom mouth guard is crafted from an impression of your bite. Boil and bite mouth guards are boiled to soften them When the mouth guard has cooled, you bite into it and it conforms to the shape of your teeth. Stock guards purchased over the counter and ready to wear, but do not provide the same protection as a custom mouth guard.

You should replace your mouth guard if it becomes cracked or pitted, since bacteria can thrive in holes in your mouth guard. You should also replace it at the start of every sports season. You need to clean your mouth guard before and after you use it, and keep it in a clean, ventilated case when you are not using it.

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