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A dental filling is typically bonded to the surrounding tooth enamel to restore the structural integrity of the tooth for a long time to come. This is a common treatment plan to address small areas of tooth decay or other physical defects limited to a tooth’s enamel layer.

If you frequently struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits the plaque acids in your mouth could start to affect the strength of your natural tooth enamel. As the years go by this could start to demineralize the bond between the dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel.

Signs that this has started to happen could include a noticeable change in the surface texture, discomfort in the tooth or chronic tooth sensitivity. If you are experiencing symptoms like this, you need to have the tooth examined by a dentist like Dr. James C. Ma.

If a significant amount of tooth enamel has been affected, or the weakened dental filling is large he might recommend a dental crown restoration This will essentially replace the entire tooth enamel layer with another durable material.

After he has removed whatever remains of the tooth’s enamel layer, he will prepare an impression of the area. This will guide the dental lab technicians who will create your dental crown.

When it’s ready, you will need to return to see Dr. Ma to have it cemented in place. This will restore the tooth’s essential function in your mouth.

If you live in Bakersfield, California, and you suspect one of your dental fillings has a problem, you should not delay in calling 661-324-9709 to have it examined and treated at James C. Ma.